In Store

Swan River Gardens attends the premier garden gift shows in the nation each year to bring you the newest, smartest gifts and pottery for your garden. We like to think that accessorizing is an important part of having an unforgettable display that will be the envy of your neighbors. So many decorative items are available in the market now that having someone with the good taste of Lisa Gannon narrow down the choices for you can save you time and the headaches of looking at so many choices!

First and foremost, Lisa looks for good quality at a value price. We know you want to have fun things that will last and don’t cost boutique prices. It is always great to have fun choices for functional items like watering cans or tools too. Plus we are always happy to special order anything that catches your eye. We offer products from great companies like The Hookery, Kinsman, Dramm and Weatherland Chimes. Our pottery comes from established names like Washington Pottery and Robinsons Pottery to name only two. We order in sets so you can find the pot you want in the size you want!

Be sure to take time to browse in our Gift Shop before or after you head to the greenhouses. You are sure to find something that will delight you and make your special garden an even more special place