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Swan River Gardens 4-Way Mix: This custom blend contains compost, peat moss, sand and fine bark. This is what we plant our shrubs and trees in pots with. It is a great mix for raised garden beds or to make any garden soil better. This is the best choice for a new garden. It can also be used in containers especially ones you want to grow vegetables in. Annuals will do fine too but you may want to mix in some perlite to loosen the soil up even more. Available only in bulk.

SRG Planting Mix: This mix comes from Swan River Gardens own compost. Old plants, leaves and recycled potting soil are composted here on site then mixed with washed sand, peat moss, top soil and fertilizer then sifted. Great for refreshing your garden or planting trees and shrubs. SRG Compost Blend Has not been sterilized and is our most nutrient rich mix. Available only in bulk.

Glacier Gold Tree & Shrub Blend: This blend of Glacier Gold compost, mineral log yard soil and sand makes it a good choice for landscape beds and planting trees, shrubs and perennials. This blend is mostly weed free and will work in raised beds for flowers and vegetables.


Glacier Gold Compost: Locally produced compost made of forest products, organic matter & bio-solids. Bio-solids are waste from sewage treatment. In large urban areas, such material has been found to be contaminated with toxic waste but here in the Flathead Valley we do not have the kind of industry that contaminates the waste stream therefore we can say with confidence that Glacier Gold Compost is safe to use. Use it to amend garden soil to add nutrients and texture. You can use it to rejuvenate container soil and to top dress the strawberry or raspberry patch in spring. With very high nutrient value, this is GOOD STUFF! Available in bags or in bulk.

Garden City Compost: Another locally produced compost from the Missoula area. This compost is a natural and sustainable compost made with yard waste organics, sawdust, food waste, compostables, and treated Class A Bio-Solids. Tested and guaranteed safe to use to amend garden soil to add nutrients and texture. Too rich to plant directly into, best used when mixed no more than 50/50 with existing soil. Available only in bulk.

Yard Care Certified Organic Compost: This is our only OMRI Certified Organic Compost available in bulk or bags. OMRI Certified indicates, this compost has passed OMRI’s technical review and is compliant with organic standards. The compost is made up of composted Fir and Pine bark, composted Manure/Straw and Black Reed Sedge Peat Moss. This is a great way to add nutrients to containers or garden beds organically. If organic gardening is in your practices, then this is the compost for you.


Small Bark: These uniform pieces of conifer bark work for well for paths. The small pieces are easy and safe to walk on but do not scuff up easily. Small bark is also good for a clean look under shrubs and like all mulch helps hold moisture in and keep roots cool. Available in bags or in bulk.

Medium Bark: Larger pieces of chipped conifer bark are great for mulch around large shrubs and trees. The look is clean and finished. Use at least a 3 inch layer for good weed suppression. Available in bags or in bulk.

Soil Pep: This product is like the ugly stepsister to compost but most gardeners have a good use for it and some even swear by it. It is used to amend garden soil to improve texture & break up clay. Soil pep is an excellent clay buster! It can also be used as mulch to top dress perennial beds or fruit patches. It is less formal than bark or rock and does not contain weed seed so it can be an excellent for weed suppression. It is made up of finely ground bark & chips and does not have much nutrient value. You should add compost to it or use granulated fertilizer to amend soil pep’s nutrient levels. Available in bags or in bulk.

Shredded Western Bark: This is a blend of small, medium and large shredded fir and pine bark. The great advantage of Shredded Western Bark is its ability to ‘knit’ together to stay in place. Works great for windy areas and even on slopes. It is a good choice for mulching shrubs and trees and for paths.