Delivery Service

Swan River Garden is happy to schedule a delivery of your purchase to your home, job site or business.

    • Delivery to Bigfork area requiring 1 person and 1 vehicle. $45
    • Delivery to Bigfork area requiring 2 person or a trailer. $65
    • Delivery outside of Bigfork area requiring 1 person and 1 vehicle. Per hr (Hourly charged from time leaving nursery until back at nursery) $45 hr
    • Delivery outside of Bigfork area requiring 2 person or a trailer. Per Hr. (Hourly charged from time leaving nursery until back at nursery) $65 hr.
    • Delivery of a large B&B trees require a trailer and special moving equipment and will be placed at or near your planting location, delivery dose not include planting, an additional fee is required to plant.

Custom Container Design

Swan River Gardens offers very popular custom planting of your containers and hanging baskets, lovingly tended in our greenhouses until you are ready to take them home. Customers may bring their containers to us in fall for winter storage and we can plant them in spring or they can get them to us in spring for planting. There is no charge for winter storage. Pickup and delivery is available for a fee based on mileage.

Customers can either specify what plants and colors they want or let Swan River Garden’s experienced designers show their stuff! Pots have soil replenished, fertilizer added and are planted to create the fullest, most lush pots you have ever seen! Cost will vary by pot size and plants used. Custom baskets and containers are perfect for your home, business, special event, and wedding. Call us for details. No matter how odd or unique the container is, if you can want it planted, we can do it!!!!


Free In-House

If all you are looking for is a little advice, diagnosis, or inspiration for your garden come see one of our professionals here at the nursery. Simply bring in photos of the area, a basic sketch with dimensions and amount of sunlight the area receives during the growing season. Then one of our professionals in the nursery will walk you around to show you options and discuss ideas to fulfill your needs. The time spent will provide you with helpful hints, tips on proper plant selection and give you the best options for improving and maintaining your landscape. (Be prepared to take lots of notes). This service is best for the Do It Yourselfers and is always free.

Residential On-site

A Residential On-site consultation involves a visit to your home or project site to discuss the details of your landscape project. We will walk your property, answer your questions and make recommendations on specific problems you might have. We will also be taking a number of photos and measurements to help determine the next step. Whether you plan on doing the work yourself or hire a professional landscaper we can help you determine a plan of attack. Fill out the Landscape Consultation Form to schedule your Residential On-Site consultation today.

Landscape Design

"Landscape design focuses on both the integrated master landscape planning of a property and the specific garden design of landscape elements and plants within it". -Wiki

Whether you want your home to look like it dropped from the sky and landed in the native Montana landscape or have a well tended perennial garden with color blooming all summer long, look to Swan River Gardens to design what's right for your tastes and style. We're going on 20 years of trial and error with plant varieties and just know what works.

Having a planting plan drawn up by someone who knows plants can help maximize your budget by taking some of the trial and error out of plant selection. Start by a filling out a Landscape Consultation Form to begin your project today.

Cost of your Landscape Planting Design is based on an hourly rate of $65. Average plan $300-$600

Planting Service

So you've picked out a few plants but you don't want to play in the dirt, no problem, we can plant it for you. Start by filling out a Landscape Consultation Form to begin your project today.





Landscape Consultation Form