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Bigfork Merchant Basket Program

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History:  Early in the 2000’s Swan River Gardens and the Bigfork Chamber collaborated on a project to “Beautify Bigfork” by offering a discounted, locally grown hanging basket to interested merchants. By 2005 the Chamber had moved on to other projects, and we had refined the program into what you know today.  These baskets are some of the very first items we plant in the spring, to ensure a colorful display at delivery.  We are thrilled the merchants continue to support this project; we love to see the town filled with beautiful hanging baskets.

Details:  Swan River Gardens partners with the merchants by offering a reduced rate on these baskets, free delivery, and pick up.  Typically Swan River Gardens delivers the baskets after Whitewater Weekend and picks the pots up in late October as the weather dictates.  We offer baskets with a variety of colors and light requirements, and are happy to answer any questions you have on the options offered, or other custom plantings.

Growing Tips:  With consistent water and liquid fertilizer you should have beautiful results. We recommend watering daily in the heat of summer and fertilizing 3 to 5 times a week with a water soluble fertilizer. All the Petunias included in these “Beautify Bigfork” baskets are self-cleaning, meaning the old flowers will shrivel up and blow away while the plant continues to grow up and over the spent flowers.

How to Order: Click the “Order Here” button to get started placing your online order. Any order placed online will require credit card payment at the time the order is placed.  If you would like to order over the phone, have other questions, or want to be billed, please contact Carly by email or by phone 837-3375.

Thank you for your past participation, we look forward to seeing all the color in Bigfork this summer.