If all you are looking for is a little advice, diagnosis, or inspiration for your garden schedule a Walk and Talk Consultation. Simply fill out Swan River Gardens Walk and Talk Consultation form and bring it by are garden center along with some photos and lots of questions. One of our nursery professionals will be able to walk with you around the nursery and discuss your ideas. The time spent will provide you with helpful hints, tips on proper plant selection and give you the best options for improving and maintaining your landscape. (Be prepared to take lots of notes). This service is best for the Do It Yourselfers and is always free.

A consultation involves a visit to your home or project site to discuss the details of your landscape project. During our visit we'll fill out our consultation form that consists of questions to help us get an idea of what you're looking for. We will walk your property, answer your questions and make recommendations on specific problems you might have. We will also be taking a number of photos and measurements to keep with the form to help determine the next step. After the initial meeting is over a copy of the consultation form along with our recommendations will be emailed to you. Whether you plan on doing the work yourself or hire a professional landscaper we can help you determine a plan of attack.

A walk through consultation costs $45 and will be refunded to you if you decide to use us for your project. If so we may schedule another onsite meeting to gather more information to help us to create a landscape design, estimate or both.