million-bells-fireSwan River Gardens carries a complete selection of annual plants to beautify your yard. Annuals are the plants that do not return each year. True annuals, such as Zinnias, have a one season life cycle while other plants we call annuals, such as verbena, simply are not cold hardy here. All annuals require that you wait until the danger of frost is past before you plant them outside without protection. In the Flathead Valley, our typical last frost date is about May 15th each year. In fall, the frost is much more unpredictable but it nearly always arrives by October 15th.

Swan River Gardens carries many choices of favorite annuals such as geraniums, petunias, vinca & marigolds. Our growers look for new varieties of these classics and are sure to carry customer favorites each season. New and exciting plants come on to the market each year and we try to have as many as we can so you can have the latest and greatest stuff for your garden!

Annuals need the very best soil to grow in our short season plus lots of good water. They are also heavy feeders so time released or regular fertilizer is a good idea. We use annuals in containers like pots to sit on the deck, hanging baskets or window boxes. They come in all kind of upright or trailing shapes and can be used for many shapes and types of containers. Some annuals need ‘deadheading’ or cleaning off of spent flowers, to continue blooming all season. Because so many annuals will bloom all summer, they are often used in flower beds to provide color when the permanent plantings are growing or are finished with flowering. When planning flower beds, Swan River Garden’s designers always leave

Hanging Baskets and Container Gardening

Swan River Gardens offers a wide variety of pre-planted living container gardens and hanging baskets. Beautifully designed mini gardens bloom all season long and will surely brighten your home, office or special event. Many of our pre-planted liners can be simply dropped into your existing containers or you can chose one from our great selection of ceramic pottery, this makes it easy for you to switch out to keep with the season, spring, summer, fall.

Swan River Gardens offers very popular custom planting of your containers, lovingly tended in our greenhouses until you are ready to take them home. Customers may bring their containers to us in fall for winter storage and we can plant them in spring or they can get them to us in spring for planting. There is no charge for winter storage. Pickup and delivery is available for a fee based on mileage.

Customers can either specify what plants and colors they want or let Swan River Garden’s experienced designers show their stuff! Pots have soil replenished, fertilizer added and are planted to create the fullest, most lush pots you have ever seen! Cost will vary by pot size and plants used. Call us for details. No matter how odd or unique the container is, if you can want it planted, we can do it!!!!

Spend a few moments with one of Swan River Gardens talented designers, they will gladly advise you on which colorful plant arrangements will fit your particular space. Or attend one of our Planting Night Workshops or our Make and Take Thursdays we have in spring.

Vegetable Plants

Hot PeppersVegetable gardens and orchards are one of the most popular pastimes in the world. Even with Montana’s tough climate the list of foods we can grow here is nearly endless! Swan River Gardens specializes in tough, hardy fruit trees and shrubs that will thrive here. And we start our vegetable plants early so you can put out plants that are well on their way in spring. Our seed selections are fresh each spring so you know you are getting good seeds that will come up reliably.

Vegetable gardening is a rewarding hobby that pays off in fresh produce. You may never look at a supermarket tomato the same way again after having one fresh off the vine! Vegetable gardens can be large, elaborate plantings or one tomato plant in a pot on the deck. Whatever your designs are, Swan River Gardens can help you find seeds, plants and everything else to insure your success. You may start with one tomato plant in a pot and become so enthusiastic about the fresh vegetables that you will find ways to expand. Swan River Gardens will be there to help and offer tips about soil preparation, starting your own seeds, treating pests and how to harvest your crops.