Lil Sprouts Kid's Club

Lil’ Sprouts Kid’s Club 2019 Class Guidelines
Swan River Gardens is proud to present the 10th year of Lil’ Sprouts Kid’s Club. We are excited to offer classes for kids who are interested in gardening or want to learn more about the beauty and art a garden can provide. We are pleased to offer a schedule that touches on many aspects of a garden. Without further ado, we present the basic guidelines for Lil’ Sprouts Kid’s Club and our class listing for 2019.

  • Classes are designed for kid’s ages 4-12 years old.
  • Class fee is $10; this is to cover our class materials. The class fee is non-refundable.
  • There are a limited number of seats for each class so it is on a first come first serve basis. Be sure to sign up early!
  • You may sign up for multiple classes.
  • Classes are about 1 hour long.
  • Parents are welcome to help their Lil’ Sprout but it’s not necessary!
  • Our classes are taught by experts in gardening from Swan River Gardens.
  • Since classes are held both inside and outside, the kids need to be dressed appropriately for the weather. Our Sprouts get dirty sometimes too so leave the good clothes at home!!

All of us at Swan River Gardens can’t wait to share our knowledge and enthusiasm for the garden with our Lil’ Sprouts Kid’s Club members. We are sure to have a lot of fun! Remember “Swan River Gardens: Where good things grow”!!

Lil’ Sprouts Kid’s Club 2019 Class Schedule


Lil' Sprout 2019 dates Coming Soon!

Open House Weekend

Ready, Set, Grow!
Our Annual Spring Open House is the first weekend in May. This is the time when we are bursting at the seams with the finest plants the Flathead Valley has to offer. Our season’s early crop of perennials, herbs, vegetables and pansies has never looked better. The outside nursery yard is full of a variety of Trees and Shrubs ready for any landscape project. And our Bulk Yard is fully stocked with soils, compost and mulches. Enjoy yummy refreshments and specials galore. Come put some spring in your step and explore all that Swan River Gardens has to offer!

Planting Night
2019 Dates Coming Soon!

That's right, you can have a Swan River Gardens Custom Container for a Do It Yourself Price!

What to bring?

  • Empty containers and a willingness to get dirty!
  • Plan ½ hour per container.

We will provide:

  • Guidance from our Swan River Gardens Experts.
  • A specialized work area to create your fabulous containers.
  • All the Glacier Gold Professional Growers Blend potting soil needed to fill your containers.
  • And, a top dress of Osmocote Fertilizer to feed the hungry beast!

Sign Up Today to Reserve your Spot!

  • Registration is Required.
  • Space is limited.
  • A Non-Refundable Deposit of $10 due at the time of sign up.
  • Your $10 deposit fee will be applied to your plant purchase on the night of the event only.
  • Final cost will depend on the amount of plants used!

Make & Take

2019 Dates Coming Soon!

Create your perfect container with the help from a Swan River Garden's Personal Designer. In this one-on-one planting session, we will help you build a fabulous combination of your favorite colors, tailored to your growing conditions, and highlighting your unique style.


Your One on One Planting Session Includes

  • The guidance of your very own Personal Swan River Garden Expert.
  • A specialized work area to create your fabulous containers
  • All the Glacier Gold Professional Growers Blend potting soil needed to fill your containers
  • And, a top dress of Osmocote Fertilizer to feed the hungry beasts!

On average 4 containers pots can be planted within an hour. Cost $25 per person Due @ time of sign up (non-refundable)

Swan Bucks

Rewards For Shopping At Swan River Gardens

Whenever you visit Swan River Gardens don’t leave without your Swan Bucks! Swan Bucks are the official currency of smart Swan River Gardens shoppers and backed by your hometown garden center! For every $10 you spend you will receive a Swan Buck redeemable during special Swan Buck Seasons.

When Swan Buck Seasons are announced you will be able to spend Swan Bucks as dollar for dollar matches for annuals, hanging baskets, perennials, shrubs and trees. If you want a $20 plant you can use $10 in Swan Bucks and pay only $10 out of pocket! What a deal!!!!

Swan Bucks never expire and can be saved year to year.

The Swan Buck Season for annuals runs July 1st to July 15th . The Swan Buck Season for perennials runs August 1st to August 15th and the Swan Buck Season for shrubs and trees runs September 1st to September 15th. Be sure to watch highway sign and social media for announcements of Swan Buck Seasons.